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Please make your appointments by phone only          

Opening hours
Monday to Wednesday 7.30–12.00 and 13.30–18.00
Thursday 7.30–13.00          
Friday 7.30–11.30 and 12.00–15.00


As members of the Swiss Dental Association SSO we are obliged to apply the tariff system approved of by the pricing controller.  

Any position on a dentist's invoice is composed of a number of rate points that are multiplied by a certain fixed rate point value. The number of rate points varies according to difficulty and duration of the treatment.  

The new DENTOTAR rate point value amounts to CHF 1.20 for our recall private patients and to CHF 1.10 for children and teenager up to 18 years. The current SUVA rate point value of CHF 1.00 applies to treatments settled via social services, complementary benefits, insurances or IV. 

Making appointments or rescheduling of appointments can only be done on the phone.

Please note: Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before will be billed according to the regulations of the Swiss Dentists Association.


In cases of emergency or acute pain, please call us as early as possible during our consultation hours. We will immediately schedule an appointment for you.  

Outside opening hours, a dental emergency service has been organised for the Bezirk Horgen. The emergency triage can be reached at the following phone number: 0840 401 401.  

For further information regarding emergency services please consult the website:

Dental accidents: What needs to be done?

If dental accidents are identified and treated correctly, even seriously injured teeth can often be preserved. If this is not the case, dental accidents in childhood can generate substantial and sometimes even lifelong follow-up costs. Therefore, parents and surveillance staff in schools and sports clubs need to know how to proceed when dental accidents occur.

Information brochure Dental accidents

Dental care in schools

We are contractual partners of the school community of Wädenswil as well as the Bühl Foundation. Therefore, we perform dental prophylactic exams and necessary treatments for kindergarten pupils, school children and adolescents in our dental surgery.

Info for new patients

When you visit our surgery for the first time, you will be given a questionnaire for the most important data about your teeth and your state of health. We require this information for quality treatment. All data will be dealt with strictly confidentially.

In case you are suffering from an acute problem or acute pain, it goes without saying that immediate relief will be our top priority.  

Taking care of our patients according to their needs is of vital importance to us. Therefore, your first appointment will be with the dentist. All data related to your problem will be collected (detailed exam by dentist, photos, X-rays). Based on the diagnostic findings, the dentist will establish and explain the diagnosis. Taking your requests into account, he or she will, if necessary, submit one or several suggestions for treatment to you.  

If we estimate some major work including several sessions needs to be done, we will supply you with a cost estimate in writing.  

Any changes of your state of health can be important for dental treatment. For your own security, we would really appreciate it if you can always inform us about changes and let us know which medicaments – prescribed or bought at your own resolve - you are taking.

“I have been treated in Dr. Muntwyler's surgery for more than 20 years. Kind and friendly assistants and first-class, competent dentists working with much sensitivity and total professionalism. One further advantage: The surgery is situated in the centre of Wädenswil. My warmest recommendations.” (Roger W.)