Professinal dental cleaning and oral hygiene instruction

Dental cleaning is performed professionally by our dental hygienists and our prophylaxis assistants. They remove harmful dental plaque and calculus. They also give advice as to how you can optimize your personal oral hygiene.

Recall system

Regular dental cleaning including a check-up is a prerequisite for optimal prophylaxis. In a rhythm corresponding to your personal requirements we will agree on your next recall visit.

Periodontitis treatment (socket inflammation)

Progressing periodontitis is not only harmful for the tooth-bearing tissue and can therefore result in tooth loss, but it also has a strong negative influence on the organism as a whole. The danger of suffering from a heart attack or a stroke, for example, is up to ten times higher. Furthermore, it is considered a fact that periodontitis during pregnancy leads to a strongly increased risk of premature delivery. Our team will help you fight periodontitis during the various treatment stages.

Articles for oral hygiene

We will gladly advise you on the optimal use of oral hygiene articles such as electric toothbrushes, mouthwash, etc. which you can also buy at our surgery.

Tips against bad breath

We know some simple and efficient remedies which help to get rid of this nuisance.


Special procedures allow gentle brightening respectively bleaching of your teeth. This can either take place in the surgery (‘Office Bleaching’) or at home using a custom-made bleaching splint (‘Home Bleaching’).

Dental jewellery/twinkles

The special eye catcher: A small diamond or a small piece of jewellery is glued onto a tooth. This attractive jewel makes a lovely present, too.