Erbium:YAG laser (LiteTouch™)
In dentistry, the Erbium:YAG laser (LiteTouch™) can be used to remove hard tooth substance or in periodontology (germ reduction and removal of calculus in inflamed gum pockets). The hard tooth substance is removed by "micro explosions" without touching the tooth, thus eliminating the unpleasant "vibration" of conventional drilling. Drilling with the laser is not completely painless, but causes less pain than conventional mechanical drilling.

Whitestar diode laser
This laser builds a bridge between biology and technology. Laser light with a wavelength of  810nm has been used increasingly in dentistry, especially because of its antibacterial effect. The decontamination of root tissue and infected periodontal pockets, for example, was verifiably made possible. Furthermore, direct interactions at cell level speed up healing processes in the tissue and post-surgical symptoms are reduced.  

Spectra denta co2 laser
The Spectra DENTA Laser is the latest generation of CO2 systems for non-contact soft tissue surgery without bleeding. Given its small spot size and minimal absorption depth this CO2 laser reaches an extraordinary degree of precision. The correct adjustment of performance and application mode allow for the removal of a singular cell layer during an intra-oral chirurgical intervention. Tissue can be cut quickly and precisely and it can be vaporised and coagulated by the Spectra DENTA. The user can exercise precise control to reach the desired results.  

Med-701 soft laser
This laser is used to ease pain. Its special light ray stimulates the body's self-healing powers. Besides that laser treatment can stop the feeling of sickness during treatment. Our dental hygienists use soft laser to kill harmful bacteria in infected periodontal pockets (so-called transgingival photodynamic therapy tPDT). 

DIAGNOdent is a patented laser fluorescence procedure for early detection of caries. It makes use of the different fluorescence of healthy and diseased tooth substance. DIAGNOdent shows even smallest lesions, numerically and acoustically.